I wanted to put together some easy last minute Fall DIY Decorations. I love carving pumpkins! But this year, I was really into trying some new things. I wanted to create pumpkins that I could put around the apartment and leave out past Halloween. I saw this little kraft paper pumpkin at Target and on the shelf next to it was this amazing looking gold metallic paint and some Sharpie paint markers. So I decided to turn it into a fun little hand lettering project. 

craft pumpkin.jpg

1. Spritz Paper Mache Pumpkin  //  2. Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint   //   3. Sharpie Paint Marker

I decided to paint my pumpkin white, but you can do whatever color scheme you want! Target had lots of different paint color options! After the white paint dried, I added the gold to the stem. If you don't want to do lettering on your pumpkin, you can do a fun pattern, or even draw a sugar skull! I had fun with it, I hope you do too! And thinking of all the holiday themed words really got me into the mood for Halloween!


Next up are these adorable little velvet pumpkins! I went to a flea market a couple weeks ago and saw a box of these old halloween decorations. In the box were these old plush pumpkins made out of velvet and dried pumpkin stems. I thought what a fun idea to try to make since velvet is making a comeback! I decided to make the stems out of clay instead of using dried stems (they take weeks to dry).



• Scissors
• Hot Glue Gun
• Sculpey Oven Bake Clay
• Velvet Fabric (whatever colors you want)
• Needle & Thread
• Trim for the top of the pumpkin (optional, I ended up not using it. The idea was to add a trim around the stem so you can add that if you want!)
• Stuffing

First you want to start by making the pumpkin stems because they have to bake in the oven. Start by rolling sections of the clay into little log shapes and then bend them at the middle slightly to make them a little curved. 

After you have your little logs rolled out, use a knife to slice off one of the ends so it is flat. That will be the top part of the stem. Then you want to put them on a cookie tray and bake them in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes.


Once they are harden, let them cool. Once they are cooled, you want to glue them together to make a thick stem. I left a couple single ones unglued because I wanted to just put one in the smaller pumpkins. Once you have your stems all done, set aside and make your pumpkins!


To start, decide what sizes you want to make your pumpkins. I wanted a variety of sizes. To start, cut a "circle" out of your velvet pice of fabric. It can be far far far from perfect as you can tell haha. The largest one I made was about 15 in wide (flat) and the smallest one I made about about 8in wide (flat).


After you cut your circle out, you want to start to gather the end of the fabric accordion fold style and then sew through each fold and pull tightly. I made my thread extra sturdy by folding the thread in half a few times. I will just help to make it sturdier when you have to pull the thread tightly.

VP_07 copy.jpg

Keep gathering up the ends of the fabric and sew through and pull until you reach the end where you started. Do not knot or cut your thread yet. 


Then you want you to take your stuffing and stuff your pumpkin!


After you have filled your pumpkin to the desired fluffiness, take your pre-made stem, add a little hot glue to the bottom and stuff it into the middle of the stuffed pumpkin. Push it down pretty far so it stays.


Once your stem if stuffed in, pull your needle and thread tightly (not too tight don't rip your thread) to close the opening, then knot and trim your thread! And wellll-ah! You have some adorable little velvet pumpkins to decorate your house with this season!

VP_12 copy.jpg