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Amanda Puleo

DIY Birchwood Blanket Ladder

You all asked for more do it yourself home decor projects, so here is another one for ya! The blanket ladder is a perfect way to store and display your blankets and keep everything out of the way and organized!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Decorative Wall Mirror Two Ways | Bamboo & Raffia

Looking for that staple wall piece? How to make these two different sunburst statement wall hanging mirrors with these easy DIY tutorials! Choose your favorite one or rock them both!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Hat Wall Gallery Display

I love me a good hat and they don't deserve to be shoved and smushed into a basket in a dark closet right?! Have you ever seen the wall hooks at Anthropologie? Amazing. Some of them are just so pretty and I'm always like what can I do with these?! So a lightbulb went off one day when I was rummaging through and I thought oh my, a hat gallery wall!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Velvet Earring Holder

I don't know about you all, but I have about a thousand little earrings and earring backs floating around everywhere. I wanted something where I could put everything in one place, that was cute that I could hang up next to my other jewelry displays. Check out this easy, one day DIY!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Clay Celestial Trinket Dish

For the holiday seasons, I wanted to put together some fairly simple DIY projects that you can gift to your friends and family! This is also a very budget friendly project, and can be made in an afternoon. Check out these clay celestial trinket dishes!

Amanda Puleo

Last Minute DIY Faux Pumpkin

I saw this little kraft paper pumpkin at Target and on the shelf next to it was this amazing looking gold metallic paint and some Sharpie paint markers. So I decided to turn it into a fun little hand lettering project. Happy decorating!

Amanda Puleo

Easy DIY Wall Hanging

Looking for an easy weekend DIY project? Here's a good one to spice up an empty wall in your house! This abstract wall decor piece only takes 3 materials to make!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Headboard

This hanging wall headboard was inspired by an installation I saw at Anthropologie awhile back and thought hmm I can try to make that! So I started researching how to make paper flowers. I realized the amount I needed to make for what I was envisioning was going to take forever so I almost abandoned the idea, but I'm so glad I didn't because this has become such a staple piece for me.

Amanda Puleo

DIY Pom Pom Trim Pillow Case

I was apart of a workshop where we tried our hands at dyeing shibori fabric. The 6th grade camper in me was extremely excited to find a reason to tie dye something as an adult! I dyed these cotton tea towels that I transformed into pillow cases.