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Amanda Puleo

DIY Fiddle Leaf Tree

This DIY Fiddle Leaf tree was so satisfying to make and probably one of my favorite budget saving projects ever! These trees usually sell for $100+ and I was able to make this for $50!

Amanda Puleo

Joy Tinsel Garland DIY

December 25th is creeping up! Holy moly, does anyone else not even know what day of the week it is? Tis' the season of DIYs. Especially this year! I love this garland which is perfect for a mantle or anywhere else you are in need of a little festiveness!

Amanda Puleo

Wood Bead Garland DIY

Loving the wood bead garland trend, but not loving how expensive they are in stores! I knew I could make a garland at the length that I wanted, in the natural color, and tassel size of my choice! The beauty of doing it yourself, is customization! The garland can translate between seasons which I love, its going from a table centerpiece, to a vase accent on my mantle, to Christmas tree garland!

Amanda Puleo

Autumn Harvest Chex Mix Two Ways: Sweet & Savory

In need of a sweet or savory snack to get you in the fall spirit ?! SO YUMMY!

Amanda Puleo

Fall Garland

This will be the first year that I have a fireplace mantle to decorate and I couldn't be more excited about all of the DIY garland opportunities! First up, is this fall festive set!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Handlettered Painted Pumpkins

Sometimes no carve pumpkin decorating is the way to go! I wanted to just be creative and not worry about being perfect (very hard for me anyone else?? lol) I brainstormed a list of spooky themed words and used a paint sharpie and went to town!

Amanda Puleo

Sunglasses Case DIY

Summer is in full swing and its about time!! Hope everyone's year is starting to look up a bit. Summer accessories are the best. I have a slight sunglasses obsession but I also don't trust myself with super expensive ones because they always end up in the bottom of my purse or getting lost in my car. I really needed a case to put them in, so here we go! Its super simple and inexpensive to make!

Amanda Puleo

Summer Popsicle Party!

Who is ready for summer?? I mean 2020 is for sure a different summer than what we are used to, but I am ready to make the most of it! And that means cold drinks, a kiddy pool, and homemade popsicles!

Amanda Puleo

How To Embroider Lettering On Denim By Hand (Without Messing Up) + FREE DOWNLOAD

I embroidered “keep on moving” onto the back pocket of a pair of shorts. Why that phrase you ask? Well, to me, it means 2 things...

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