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October 4, 2017

DIY Pom Pom Earrings

Amanda Puleo

So clearly I have an obsession with making things with pom poms lol. I saw these earrings from BAUBLEBAR and I decided to take a try at making them. They were actually pretty easy and I am so excited to wear them this fall! I am probably going to make them in a couple different colors. Maybe i'll do a giveaway?? Color suggestions?

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

• Scissors
• Needle & Thread (color of your pom pom)
• Yarn
Fish Hook Earrings
6mm Split Rings

Start off by making 3 pom poms, color of your choice. You are going to make one large, one medium, and one small sized poms. My largest one is approximately 1", then medium one is about 3/4", the smallest one is about a 1/2". To make the largest one, use a pom pom maker or if you don't have one, you can make it by wrapping your yarn around 4 fingers about 40–45 times.

After you have wrapped your yarn, slide it off your fingers and set aside. Cut a strand of yarn (about 6 inches long) and tie as tightly as you can around the middle of the bunch.

Cut the loops on both sides of the bunch, to create a really messy, uneven ball of yarn. Then trim your pom to make it the desired size for the largest pom. Repeat these steps to create the middle sized and smallest sized poms.

Once you have your pom poms made, its time to assemble the earrings! Now before I get into this part, you can make this DIY easier by simply sewing the 3 poms poms together without adding the split rings. Thread your needle (knot at the end) through one side on the largest pom, pull through, then add the middle sized pom, sew through and pull till the two poms are touching. Then add the smallest pom, and again, pull through till the poms are touching. They 3 poms should be in a straight line. Then once 3 poms are sewn together (I would go up and down a few times to make sure they are sturdy) and the needle and thread are sticking out of the top of the smallest pom, add the earring hook, tie tightly and then cut.

I chose to add little gold rings in-between my poms to add a little more flare to them, and to make them look like the ones from BAUBLEBAR. To do this, start by threading your needle (knot at the end), and sew through the middle of the largest pom.

Whoa, change of nail polish ;) Once you have sewn through your largest pom, add your split ring onto your strand. Then take your needle, and sew back through the top of the pom, down to the opposite end. Then once the strand/needle is sticking out from the bottom (opposite side from where your ring is) tie a knot, and trim.

Take your medium sized pom, sew through one end and pull through. Then take your largest pom with the ring, loop your needle and thread through the ring and sew through the bottom of the medium pom through to the top and pull till the medium sized pom is touching the ring (I went up and down twice to make it sturdy).

You now should have your large and medium sized poms attached to each other by a split ring and then a second split ring attached to the top of the medium pom.

From here, you are going to repeat what you did to the medium pom except you are going to add the earring to the top of the pom instead of another ring. Take your needle/thread and thread through the top of the small pom and pull through. Then loop your needle and thread through the ring attached to the medium pom, pull through. Then thread your needle back through the bottom and up to the top (again, I did this twice to make it sturdy).

Slide your earring onto the strand and sew down through the top of small pom and then back up through the bottom of the pom so your needle and thread are sticking out of the top of the small pom. Then tie a knot through the hole of the earring, knot off your thread, trim and welll-ah :)