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August 21, 2017

DIY Pom Pom Trim Pillow Case

Amanda Puleo

Awhile back I was apart of a workshop with my team at work where we tried our hands at hand dyeing shibori fabric. The 6th grade camper in me was extremely excited to find a reason to tie dye something as an adult! I dyed these cotton tea towels that came out absolutely beautiful and I wanted to turn them into something. I needed new pillows desperately and I couldn't seem to find any that I liked or that didn't cost $50 a pillow. So of course, time to make something! I am totally on the pom pom train with everyone else so I thought combining my shibori fabric and a pom pom trim would make an awesome (inexpensive!) pillowcase I would be happy to lay my head on!

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

• a pillow to cover or a pillow form **these specs are for an 18x18 in pillow
• fabric 1 yard of each front and back // I used the cotton tea towels I dyed for the front, and then a cotton blue textured denim for the back (I got mine at joann fabrics)
pompom trim 2.5 yards (you'll have a little extra)
• ruler
• scissors
• white pencil (optional)
• pins
• sewing machine
• iron

First, take the color fabric you want for the front of your pillow. Measure out a 20in x 20in piece. Then cut. The edges don't have to be perfectly straight.

Once you have your front piece measured and cut. Set aside

For the back, we are creating an envelop flap. Take your chosen fabric cut two pieces—first one, 20in x 13in—the second one, 20in x 14in

After you have each piece cut, set aside the 20x14in piece.

Take the 20in x 13in piece, on the 20in side (only on one end) fold down 1/4in along the whole end. Then iron flat.

After ironing, fold over again, this time 1/2in. Then iron flat again.

After you have your flap ironed down, you will sew the flap down to keep it in place (about 1/8 in from the end).

Repeat steps for the 20in x 13in piece

Now its time to add the pom pom trim!

Cut a piece of the pom pom trim 19in long.

Lay down front piece of fabric (front side facing up, the inside of fabric facing the table surface). Then lay the pom pom trim down with a half inch spacing on each end (poms facing inward) then lay the 20in x 13in piece on top (front side facing down, back side facing up—right sides together).

Then lay the 20in x 14in piece on top, lined up with the other end of the front piece.

Then pin all 3 pieces together—the front piece, the pom pom trim and the back pieces)

Repeat for all 4 sides of the pillow

Once you have all 4 sides pinned, it's time to sew!
Depending on the length of your trim—the trim I used is a half inch plus the pom pom part—will depend on how far inward you have to sew. We sewed about 1/8in in. Sew all 4 sides together using your sewing machine. Then turn your pillow inside out, add your pillow insert and tada!