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January 7, 2018

DIY Tassel Pom Pom Scarf

Amanda Puleo

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. If you live on the east coast, you know how absolutely freezing it has been here. BItter cold. It was -17 with the wind chill today. I've grown up here in good ol' Cle so I am used to the cold, but man this is too much even for us natives. It makes you think even more about the homeless people and animals out there. With that said, I am volunteering at a homeless shelter with a group next week. We are making a meal and serving it to around 100 people. If you have never done it before, you should. It is nothing like you would expect. It really makes you appreciate how blessed we all are. Even as I sit here on my couch with a roof over my head, and my nice warm fuzzy socks, I take things for granted everyday. By the way, socks are actually one of the most requested items that a homeless individual is in need of. Food for thought.

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

• Scissors
• Needle and thread (The thread should ideally match the color of yarn you're using)
• Pins
• Scarf
• Yarn color(s) of choice!

With the weather so cold, I needed something fun to wear that made me want to actually leave the house. I am obsessed with this navy, rose and mustard color palette lately. When I got the idea to make this fun scarf, I went searching for the perfect knit to jazz up. I found this navy scarf at target with little specs of mustard and coral. So I went and found some yarn that matched, and got to it!

I started by making the tassels. I did 4 of them, one for each corner of the ends of the scarf. You want to start by figuring out how long you want them to be. Mine were about 3.5 inches long. You will want to pull out a strand of yarn that is double that length (roughly). So once you have that length figured out, measure out a strand that length and then fold it in half. Continue to do that, measure a strand, then fold in half. I did it about 35(ish) times.

Once you do that, fold the whole bunch in half. Then tie a knot in the middle with a short piece of yarn.

Then bunch the strands together so they aren't on two separate sides anymore. Then tie around the bunch about 1 inch down with a long strand of yard (about 2 feet). Wrap around a few times till you are satisfied with the wrap around thickness.

Once your tassel is wrapped, trim the ends so you don't have loops at the ends anymore. And then trim the top strands as short as you can.

  1. Next its time to make the pom poms! Start by wrapping your yarn around 4 fingers about 50-60 times.
  2. After you have wrapped your yarn, slide it off your fingers and set aside. Cut a strand of yarn (about 6 inches long) and tie as tightly as you can around the middle of the bunch.
  1. Cut the loops on both sides of the bunch, to create a really messy, uneven ball of yarn.
  2. Then trim your pom to make it the desired size for the scarf.

Then its time to pin on the poms and tassels to the desired spots. Then sew on each. Sew through the side of the poms and through the top of the scarf so you don't see the stitch on the opposite side.

Enjoy! Stay warm!

Much love <3