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September 9, 2017

Easy DIY Wall Hanging

Amanda Puleo

Looking for an easy weekend DIY project? Here's a good one to spice up an empty wall in your house! This abstract wall decor piece only takes 3 materials to make!

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

• Metal Macrame Ring-Gold-12"

• Metal Macrame Ring-Gold-5"

• Wooden Beads 1" inch x 3/8" Hole (I used 2 but you can use how ever many you want!)
• Any color yarn
• Scissors
**You can also use whatever size metal rings that you want depending on the space you are making this for

Unravel some of your yarn (do not cut a piece) and figure out how long you want your strands to hang from the metal ring—approximately. Once you figure out how long you want your strands to be, take that length, fold it half, and then cut.

Use your first piece as a guide and cut the rest. I made 25 total. Whatever number you choose, depending on how far up the ring you want your yarn to go, make sure the number of strands you cut is an odd number (you will see why in a sec)

Once you have all your strands cut, you are going to loop them onto the larger metal ring.

How To:

1. Start by taking one strand and lining it up on top of the ring like so.

2. Hold the top of the strand at the loop with one hand, take the bottom two pieces of the strand with the other and loop them under the ring and through the top of the yarn.

3. Pull the bottom two pieces of the strand through the loop

4. Pull the strand all the way through till you have a knot like so on the ring.

Attach all your strands so they are equally (approximately) spread out across the ring like so.

Find the middle strand so there is an equal number of strands on both sides of the middle strand (thats why there needed to be an odd number) and flip that one up out of the way so you don't cut it. This one will be the longest.

Use your hand as a guide and diagonally cut the strands at an angle. Cut all the ones on the right side of the middle strand. The don't have to be perfectly even. You can also touch up the strands individually to get the desired lengths.

Repeat on the other side. I found it easiest to put the middle strand back down in place and then start cutting from the bottom and angle the, cutting upward (not cutting the middle strand).

Once you are done cutting, take your smaller ring, and tie it to the middle/top of the larger ring. Tie it super tight and double or triple knot it.

Add your beads onto the top strand (this is the strand that you will attach to the wall)

Once your beads are on, make a loop to hang it from, and tie a knot. Trim the tail and welllll-ah! You have your wall hanging!

Once you hang it on the wall, you can space out your strands to where you want them to stay and touch up your trimming if necessary. Enjoy :)