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October 4, 2019

Easy DIY Wooden Bead Statement Necklace

Amanda Puleo

Happy Friday friends! Who loves a quick and easy weekend DIY? I sure do. I love taking time for myself over the weekends and doing a small project that I’m excited about that doesn’t require a ton of labor and time. So I wanted to share this one I did in less than an hour with you all!

I had the elastic already, and the wooden beads I found at Joann Fabrics. You can find everything on Amazon as well, and hello, 1 day shipping you don’t even have to leave your house to get supplies! The materials also cost under $10. A statement necklace for under $10?! Yes please :)

What’s fun about this, is you can easily paint the beads to add a pop of color to your necklace but i’ve been on the neutrals all day errrydayy train and I couldn't resist keeping them unfinished. Plus it saves time :P

Supplies You'll Need for this Project
  • wooden beads
  • elastic

Step 1

I started by cutting my elastic a little longer than I wanted the length of the necklace to be (you have to tie knots to keep the elastic in place so account for that length on the end.) The good part is, you don’t have to follow a specific pattern, you can make it however long or short you want it to be.

Step 2

After you have your length decided, time to string on your beads! I created my pattern with large and small sizes like you see above. You can make them all one size, stagger them, or even use a fun piece of rope or yarn and not string all the way up the rope! Lots of options!

Step 3

I started my pattern in the middle, by following the pattern, big-small-big-small, etc. Then I continued with just the small sizes up the ends and proceeded to tie multiple knots and the end.

After that, you are all ready to go! Super versatile and perfect for fall! Enjoy friends!

Much love!
<3 A