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April 24, 2020

How to Make Macrame Coasters – No Sew!

Amanda Puleo

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

• Macrame Cord (linked here)
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Comb
• Iron (optional)

Need a boho decor addition to your coffee or bedside table? Make a set of 4 of these macrame coasters for under $20! These are usually over $50 for a kit on Etsy, or to purchase made. They are a little time consuming because of all the knots you have to make, but you can get them done in two days for sure! (or one day if you really like making knots haha) 1 roll of the cord that I linked above will give you enough material to make 4 total.

Step 1 is to cut 1 5ft long cord and 5 30in long cords like pictured above. Side note—you are going to need more string so keep the cord and your scissors near by.

Also just a heads up, the beginning of this process is the hardest part. Once you get the center started, its all the same from there.

Next, take your 5ft long cord and make a circular shape with one end like above.

Step 3 is to take your 5 shorter pieces (30in) of cord and make whats called a lark’s head knot around the 5ft cord that is currently in the shape of a circle. Make sure you are tying your knots around the part of the 5ft cord that is overlapped (see above)

To make a lark's head knot, start by folding the piece of cord in half (left image) and placing the cord on top of the 5ft cord with the looped end facing outward. Then place the looped part on top of the 5ft cord like pictured above, then take the two ends of the cord and loop them through and pull tight (right image).

Your final lark's head knot will look like the image above. Repeat these steps with each of your 5 30in cords.

Once you have all 5 of your 30in cords knotted on, take the strand of the 5ft cord and pull tightly (left image above). The result of that will transform the strands into the right image above.

Now we are going to create what is called a double half hitch knot. You are going to take your 5ft cord (your holding cord) and place it over the first strand of the closest lark's head knot. Then with the left end of lark's head knot, make a "number 4" pictured above.

Then place the end of the strand under the 5ft cord and through the number 4 you created. Hold the 5ft cord tight, and pull the strand looped through. Repeat this process so you have done it twice per strand.

Continue on with each of the 30in strands to make the double half hitch knots, always using the same holding cord (the 5ft cord).

While making your double half hitch knots, if you come across a large space between your holding strand and your next 30in strand, you will need to add additional cords to the holding strand. This is where the extra cord comes in I mentioned in the beginning.

Cut another strand, instead of 30in make it 26in. Every time you need another cord to fill a space, cut it 2 inches shorter than the previous.

Add the extra new strand on the holding cord by making a lark's knot (see above). After extra cord is added, continue on with the double half hitch knots process.

Once you have completed your coaster to your desired size, I made mine 7 rows, time to tie up the holding cord! I took a large needle and looped it through the last row. Then tie a knot and trim.

Now it's time to trim up the ends to make them even-ish. You will cut them all again once the ends are brushed out. Use your comb, (I used the one we use to brush our dog lol) any type will work, and start to comb out the end strands to get the desired effect. Once you have all the ends brushed out, cut all the strands to be even. Once I finished my coasters, I ironed them to make them super duper flat and the ends super duper straight. You can do this as well or keep them as they are. Up to you!

Whoohoo! All done! Now you have a pretty companion for your wine class or coffee mug! Enjoy!

Much love,