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April 30, 2020

How to Upcycle an Old Pair of Shoes

Amanda Puleo
Supplies You'll Need for this Project

I’ve had these pair of shoes sitting in my closet for awhile now. I got new black mules but felt bad throwing these away because they were in good shape still. And I couldn’t find a new home for them because I have tiny feet and apparently not many of my friends have the same shoe size as me hahah (size 6 anyone??)

I have always loved patches but aside from keeping a small collection of them in a drawer, I haven’t found much use for them. Until now! There are so many cool and unique patches on Etsy. I linked a few of the shops I have come across and the exact bee patches I used below.

So I decided to upcycle these shoes and give them a makeover by getting creative and adding some patches! I wanted to make them unique and fun to wear, but I also wanted something semi-neutral so I could wear them often.

All you need are some shoes you want to give new life to, patches of your choice, and some E600 glue.

Be careful when using the glue! its not fun trying to get off your fingers lol. Here are some links to patches

EsonfashionI (here are my exact patches)

Have fun being creative! And make sure to tag me in any, I love seeing all your designs!
Much love,
<3 A