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December 14, 2019

The Ultimate DIY Gift-Able Wrapping

Amanda Puleo

Less than 12 days until Christmas! AHH! I almost love the process of wrapping gifts just as much as I love giving them. Yes I am one of those people who saves pretty wrapping paper and gets a little gutted when people crumple it in a ball and throw it away. I am pretty much a “scraps of things” hoarder. Send help?

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

This year, I was crazy inspired by the amazing holiday decor at Anthropologie. They way they set up their displays and installations are just beautiful. Some of their presents piles that were displayed were wrapped in felt. That led to a trip to Joann Fabrics to create my own. I’m on this rustic/neutral color combo kick. I also picked up some yarn, and little ornaments and some faux pine branches to embellish the gifts. I just loved how they turned out. The felt and some of the embellishments can totally be re-purposed and put away to be re-used next year. All about being somewhat eco-friendly if I can be!

This next one is a gift wrapped in a gift! How fun!! I purchased a set of 4 tea towels for $5 at Home Goods and used them to wrap up my gifts! So not only are your friends and family getting whatever you picked out for them, they are also getting a re-usable tea towel! There are so many ways to wrap with the tea towel, you can tie it into a knot like you see above, or bunch it together and tie with yearn and embellish it! Lots of ways to personalize. Get creative, its fun! Continue on for some more inspiration!

Try to slow down and enjoy this season. Its so easy to get stressed out and lose the magic of this time of year. Embrace the process! Have fun wrapping and gifting!

Much love,
<3 A