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August 20, 2017

Hello Blog World!

Amanda Puleo

Hi guys!!!! It's so so nice to meet you! My name is Amanda. I am so excited this day is finally here!! Launching this blog has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I'm so excited to begin this journey!!

To start off, a little about me, I am a Graphic Designer, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from the extremely rewarding Myers School of Art at the University of Akron. My full time job is designing greeting cards for Target at American Greetings and I absolutely love it. I am a craft show go-er and seller on Etsy with my Mama, a D.I.Y enthusiast, a lover of dogs (and most recently kitties) and anything fuzzy (especially socks).

I have had some sort of artistic tool in my hand ever since I was a little girl—I have my Mama to thank for my creative-ness.

I have always, always loved doing craft projects. That was my go-to fun activity for as long as I can remember (and still is). I used to make gods-eyes (remember those??) and lemonade and set up a stand to sell them in my driveway, that was the thing I looked forward to most about my summers growing up. I also loved doing my nails with crazy designs on them and showing them off to my friends. I loved having them ask me to do theirs (I charged $5 to my not-as-close friends, hehe)

Fast forward a few years, I have developed an even larger passion for D.I.Y. I see things in stores that cost tons of money and I'm like, I can totally make that. And it has sort of become a passion of mine.

In addition to my love for D.I.Y projects, I also have a small freelance design business on the side where I create pieces like logos and invitation suites. I also do photography sessions for engagements, seniors, etc. I would describe my design style as cheerful and sophisticated with an equal balance of pleasantry and pop. Check out my design and photography portfolios.

So basically I am always doing freelance and D.I.Y projects and shopping and finding awesome products that I love. So that leads us to this. I decided I wanted to put all of my passions together and translate them into a blog that can inspire others. So that leads us to....

What kind of blog will this be??

For starters, this is going to be a place where I will showcase projects and designs I have been working on. That includes: wedding invitation suites, logos and photography sessions—just to name a few.

This is also a lifestyle and D.I.Y blog.
My posts will range from my favorite lipstick products, to my latest D.I.Y projects.

I want this to be a space in the blogosphere that feels real, where imperfections are apparent, where humility and grace shine, and where anyone can be a D.I.Y-er.

I am definitely all over the place in life and as hard as I try to keep it all together, I am slowly accepting the fact that I am a goofball and always will be a total hot mess, and I wouldn't have it any other way ;) I hope this is a realatable space for you, and you leave feeling inspired to create and craft!

Thanks for following along on my journey, it means more to me than you know. I can't wait to get started!

Love love love,

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Wearing: Hat/Target (old—similar here), Camera Bag/Epiphanie, Jacket/Nordstrom
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Janelle Putrich Photography