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March 3, 2023

Our Wedding | The Details

Amanda Puleo

Since we recently got our wedding video back, I feel like I can finally really wrap my head around our big day. It really was absolutely wonderful. I made a point to make sure I paid attentional to everything I could. I wanted to soak up all the little details that we spent so much time on, as well as being present throughout the day. That is a piece of advice I would offer to future brides, you have to be mentally prepared to be intentional throughout your wedding day. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and look past everything. I also promised myself that everything on our actual day was going to be left up to God and out of my hands. I wasn’t going to worry about anything on the day of, if something didn’t work out, it was going to be okay. Luckily, everything came out just as I imagined it would. 

We got married on September 2nd, the Friday over Labor Day weekend. It was such a gorgeous day outside. Not too hot, and not too cold. A perfect overcast with the sun shining at just the right moments. I was so beyond thankful. Since we had our venue picked out very early on, the vibe of the day was pretty clear to us. We wanted to embrace the beauty of the venue itself, surrounded by the beautiful grounds, tall trees, hills, and greenery. We highlighted the sage greens, the neutral creams with a hint of gold. We wanted a timeless, romantic feel and that is exactly how it came to be. 

We had a year to plan, which meant all the DIY projects I could possibly fit in to that time frame. I can’t capture everything in one post, so I am breaking things down, up first: The Details.

To start, we really only had one venue in mind. We got engaged at Landoll’s Castle, so we knew we had to get married here as well. There were two dates left in the year of 2022 (thank you COVID). We snatched up the Labor Day weekend. We were actually really happy with that and it worked out perfectly, many of guests made a weekend in Mohican out of it which was great. September is also the most perfect month to get married in ;)

Being a designer, our wedding invitations were something I was actually so overwhelmed by. Mostly because I know all of the possibilities. One day I wanted one thing, the next day I wanted something completely different. I was majorly avoiding trying to make a decision on those. But then, a former mentor of mine from college reached out about photographing her wedding. She is the most talented designer I know, and I learned everything I know from her. She owns a letterpress design studio in Cleveland called, Type Twenty Seven. I thought who better to collaborate on this process with than her? I told her all of my insane ideas and what all I wanted to include in the invites, and she created something I absolutely loved more than anything. We lettered pressed each one, assembled them all, it was a true labor of love.

Our vow books were from Etsy. The most stunning paper with deckled edges. I embellished them with shades of green chiffon ribbon from here.

I wanted a perfume that would remind me of our special day. I am very particular about perfumes, so it took me a bit to settle on this one. Very subtle, but lasting. It was perfect, thank you Anthropologie. Also, I mean, it actually says "I do" ;)

I could not imagine getting ready in anything else but this robe. It was absolutely PERFECT. The fringe, the floral details, the scalloped sleeves, yes yes yes. I paired it with this underneath and these white fuzzy slippers.

This hair piece was the first thing I pinned on Pinterest after we got engaged. It set the tone for the whole look that I was going for. I knew I wanted a head piece, I just had to.

MY DRESS! Gosh I just love her so much. She is embellished with the most unique lace appliqués and she just floats. She was so airy and lightweight to wear on our day. I knew I wanted something different. I thought I had an idea in my head of a specific design, but once I put her on, my mom cried and told me I looked like Taylor Swift. um, SOLD. This was it. The shopping experience was also so amazing. I couldn't recommend Luxe Redux in Pinecrest more! They also had my DREAM headpiece in store (what are the odds) so I got to try on the whole ensemble all at once. I also got my earrings from there as well. WHAT. A. DREAM. The most wonderful shop manager from Luxe, Danielle, helped me find the perfect veil to go with my dress. They looked like the belonged together.

I couldn't find shoes that I loved, that were comfortable and went with my dress. So leave it to me to decide to somewhat make my own. I got the base shoe from Etsy, could not recommend this shop more! They were SO well made and comfortable. I embellished the straps with using lace from my grandma, pearls, and extra fabric and applique pieces from my veil.

MY HANDSOME GROOM!!!! Gosh he just looked perfect for the day! He also wanted something a little different and spicy for our wedding day ;) He really wanted a green suit, so we had to go custom. Which sounded scary at first, but we found ourselves at Indochino and the experience was perfect! We were able to customize literally every inch of the suit. We got the Sailsbury Linen Green Suit. Linen was also the perfect choice of a material for a late summer wedding day. His bow tie and suspenders were the perfect color to coordinate, we got samples of colors and materials before deciding. His cuff links were a gift from me on our wedding day, I had to let him have a little something nerdy for our wedding day ;)

Our rings! My engagement ring and wedding band is from the one and only, Heidi Gibson. Austins ring is from Northern Royal.

Overall, our day was perfect for us. Filled with so much love and laughter and light. I can't wait to continue to share our highlights and details.

Much love, Amanda KERR !

Photography: Diana Galay Photography and Kayla Coleman Photography | Venue: Landoll's Mohican Castle | Vow Books | Ribbon | Invitations | Hair piece | Earrings | Dress: WILLOWBY BY WATTERS SAROS from Luxe Redux Bridal | Veil | Engagement Ring & BrideWedding Band | Groom Wedding Band | Shoes | Invitations | Perfume | White slip | SlippersGroom SuitGroom Bowtie/Suspenders | Cufflinks |