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March 4, 2019

Ravioli Day

Amanda Puleo

My family has been making ravioli for years now. Its a tradition that my great grandma started with my grandma and great aunt. Now, my grandma has passed this amazing tradition down to us. Every Christmas, all my cousins, my mom, my sister and aunts all get together to make about 350 ravioli for the holidays. Its such a special time together and its so fun. We get rowdy, listen to Italian music and throw flour at each other.

My friends have seen my family do this for years and they all wanted to learn. So we made a little girls date out of it and got to cooking! It was so heart warming to share this tradition with them!

We usually make just one kind of ravioli with my family, but this time, we made 3! We called the original, “The Puleo Traditional” which is a meat filled ravioli with a homemade red sauce, and then we made a Butternut Squash filled, and a Lobster filled one! My momma is a champ! She let us take over and destroy her kitchen.

Making the dough and weighing it out for the tops and bottoms of the ravioli is a true art form ;) The girls caught on so quick and everyone rocked it!

Ms. Chef Nicole ran the show. She made the butternut squash recipe! It consisted of: butternut squash, walnuts, sage and a brown butter sauce! She roasted the squash, then pureed the cooked squash in the food processor. She mixed in the copped walnuts and sage! Num num! It came out so good, we regretted not making more of this kind.

The “Puleo Traditional” recipe is a secret ;)

With the left over dough we also make pasta noodles!!

And Buon Appetito! This meal was so amazing and I was so proud of everyone! We sat around the table and literally finished everything in like 10 minutes! It really is such a special feeling sharing traditions with some of your closest friends!

What are some of your family traditions??
Much love,