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September 27, 2017

Simple Summer Pleasures | Sunflower Field

Amanda Puleo

I am loving the start to this Indian Summer season. Don't get wrong, I love big comfy sweaters, but I love the sun and the warm weather more and i'm not ready for it to get cold yet. Me and two of my dear friends went to visit a giant sunflower field in Avon, Ohio called Maria's Field of Hope. It was a place meant to be sad and celebratory at the same time. The field was inspired by the memory and spirit of a young girl named Maria who passed away from childhood cancer. It was planted by her family in 2014 as a way to love and honor the courageous children who are battling cancer and those we have lost. It struck a cord in me because of my non-profit, Project Purpose. We raise money to purchase bikes and helmets to help children battling cancer with their recoveries (will do a post on that soon!)

There were so many kiddos and their familes running around, couples getting engagement photos taken, and lots of prickles on the ground (ouch, bad choice of shoes). It was a sight i've never seen before! The sun was starting to set and the lightening was just great! Miraculously, we didn't get stung by any many bees.

What was so interesting to me was the fact that all the sunflowers were facing the same direction...I need to do some research as to why that is. Its just so cool. There are little pathways to walk through so you can enjoy the flowers up close.

Oh and there just happened to be this gorgeous vintage green velvet chair sitting in the middle of the field..uhhh what? there was this sweet woman taking senior portraits who brought it and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask her if we could snap a few photos of our own in the chair ;)

Check it out if you are in the area! The flowers are at the end of their season, so go super soon if you are interested!

Much love <3