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December 15, 2020

Joy Tinsel Garland DIY

Amanda Puleo

December 25th is creeping up! Holy moly, does anyone else not even know what day of the week it is? Tis' the season of DIYs. Especially this year! I love this garland which is perfect for a mantle or anywhere else you are in need of a little festiveness!

I wanted to freshen up my decorations this year but was trying to keep going out to the stores limited. Also I am slowly getting sick of online shopping, I needed a break. So I had this stuff lying around, but you could easily order it all through Amazon. Or if you are still going out (safely) to do some shopping, hit up the dollar store or Joann Fabrics for all that you will need!

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

Cardboard letters (I got mine at Joann Fabrics, but here are some from Amazon)


PomPom Garland (also from Joann Fabrics)

Garland (dollar store)

Hot glue

First, you will want to take your hot glue and start by gluing the end of the garland onto your first letter. Then you will wrap the garland around the letter, gluing down occasionally as you go, just to insure it stays.

Once you have all your letters wrapped, time to attach them to your pom poms! (or whatever you chose to hang them on)

I hot glued mine on, they are very lightweight so it wasn't to heavy to hang. I waited for them to completely dry before I hung them! All done! Super simple, staple piece.

In light of this year, I have learned that there is a big different between happiness and joy. Happiness is fleeting, it ebs and flows. It comes and goes. There are super highs and then many lows. ---look at that I wrote a little poem lol. But joy is a state of being. You can be feeling unhappy with how your day is going, or unhappy with the results of something, etc. But finding joy in your life is much different. Joy comes from where your foundation is set. I have learned this year that joy has to come from things that aren't fleeting. God, family, friends. Those are the things that will stay with you and build up your life, even when materialistic things are no longer an option to bring you happiness. A little food for thought from the mind of this gal.

Love you all,
<3 A