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January 28, 2021

Coral Toothpaste Campaign

Amanda Puleo

Hey friends! Okay okay, I have some really exciting news to share. Does anyone remember the pink bubble gum flavored toothpaste that had Barbie as the icon on the packaging? I don’t blame you if you don’t, but my brain will never forget it. It was the only flavor of toothpaste my mom could get me to use as a kid. For some reason, I wasn’t going anywhere near any other flavors. But once I got older, I had to graduate to adult toothpaste and the bubble gum flavor was gone forever. UNTIL NOW!

Okay, not really. BUT! I discovered this new brand of toothpaste called Coral. And you guys, they have a fruity flavor as one of their options and let me tell you, it is actually amazing. It’s not too sweet that I feel like I’m brushing my teeth with candy (I mean that could be cool but everyone needs that fresh mouth feeling after brushing). It also comes in two other flavors, Mint and Cinnamon but I have to say, the Bubble Berry is my favorite (no surprise).

So the full brand name is “Coral Nano-Silver All-Natural Toothpaste” So “Nano-Silver” is known as “Nature’s Antibiotic” which kills bacteria while remaining probiotic friendly, and acts as a natural preservative. 

Some fun facts, Coral kills 99.99% of germs & over 650 pathogens that cause bad breath (ew). It’s probiotic friendly, it kills all the harmful bacteria but keeps the good ones! The Nano Silver Technology keeps working, even while you sleep! Up to 12 hours after brushing!

So what makes the Bubble Berry sweet? Xylitol is the answer. It’s a natural sweetener that prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth. This protects teeth from tooth decay and decreases the amount of plaque on your teeth. It also helps repair damage to the enamel.

Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste prevents cavities and improves overall oral health. It naturally helps to neutralize acid to restore pH balance to the mouth. When pH is out of balance, it provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that causes cavities. Not only does Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste contain the purest form of Coral Calcium, it also contains 73 essential trace minerals. 

Something very important to me about the products I use, is that they don’t test on animals. I try to be conscious and avoid products that do animal testing. Coral products are never tested on animals which makes me feel great about using them.

Coral also has other products as well! With our gray, usually sunless, east coast winters, I always try to keep up on my Vitamin D supplements. Coral offers 100 capsules of Vitamin D at a super competitive price to what else is out on the market. 

Fun facts about Nano Silver:

  •  Before antibiotics, it was common knowledge disease-causing germs could not survive being around silver. So silver was often used in dishware, drinking containers and eating utensils.
  •  Early American settlers placed silver coins in their water jugs to keep bacteria and algae at bay.
  •  During World War 1, silver leaf was used to combat infection in battle wounds.

Isn’t that cool? I love using this organic toothpaste knowing it’s the safest choice for my body.

Trying this product is super easy! You can purchase a starter bundle as a one-time purchase or you can do a subscription, which saves you money and you will never run out! With the starter bundle you can get a tube of toothpaste, flavor of your choice, a toothpaste tube squeezer, and a bamboo toothbrush (helllo Zero Waste Packaging! Eco-Friendly BPA Free Bristles, Phthalate Free, Plastic-Free, PVC Free)

So overall, I am really excited I discovered this new brand! I love that it reminds me of my childhood, but is extremely healthy and the safest choice for my body. Highly recommend!

Much love friends,

<3 Amanda