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January 23, 2020

Thoughtful Thursdays

Amanda Puleo

Time for another Thoughtful Thursday!

// Eating better and getting into a steady workout routine has honestly been one of my biggest struggles. I am the queen of chilling out and eating junk food. It has started to catch up with me, so I’ve been trying really hard to stay on the healthy path. I have Pure Barre Rocky River and Callie’s Pilates to thank for getting me motivated to working out again. I love their classes and the accountability that comes with them. If you haven’t tried either, you totally should.

// Speaking of eating healthier, my biggest weakness is sugar. To help my sweet tooth craving, I found this Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Bread (in my head its cake) from the Granola Diaries that is so so so yummy! Highly recommend. recipe here

// I’m not sure how I missed the whole Homeland train, but I just finished season 1 and it’s incredible. I used to get so annoyed because that show won like every award possible, but now I understand why. It’s on Hulu if you’re looking for a new binge show! Warning, its a nail biter!

// If you’re not keeping up with Jennifer Garner on IGTV you should. Her “pretend cooking show” is absolutely hilarious. And she has chickens and treats them like family. I mean come on, too cute.

// Self tanner? I have never been a big fan because every time I ever tried it when I was younger I turned orange. BUT! I found a face tanner that is amazing. They are the Alpha Beta Glow Pad’s from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare! Also super excited to try the Isle of Paradise tanning water!

// Just ordered my first pair of Birdies, they have pom poms on them…of course. So excited to try the brand, I have heard great things!

// I think I’ve watched through all 9 seasons of The Office at least 10 times. Pam and Angela started a real life podcast where they take you through each episode and give you all the behind the scenes goodies. Its called Office Ladies. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll love it!

 // Im heading to the Create & Cultivate LA conference and its one month away! I am so so excited. My DIY hero Kelly Mindell from studioDIY will be there and I can’t wait to meet her! (Any must sees or dos in LA?!)

// If you haven’t watched the CHEER documentary on Netflix yet, go. Go now. You’ll be hooked. You will find yourself ugly crying and rooting for each one of them to win.

Hope everyone is surviving these last weeks of January! Spring is coming soon!


<3 A