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March 5, 2018

DIY Hat Wall Gallery Display

Amanda Puleo

I recently cleaned out my closet and put together some bags for goodwill (best feeling ever to get rid of things) and I realized that all my hats were shoved into a basket at the top of my closet. I love me a good hat and they don't deserve to be shoved and smushed into a basket in a dark closet :P Every time I visit Anthropologie, I spend way too much time looking at their wall hooks collection. Some of them are just so pretty and I'm always like what can I do with these?! Come on think! I want them! So lightbulb went off one day when I was rummaging through and thought oh my, a hat gallery wall!!

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

A lot of the hooks at Anthro are a little expensive :/ but I found these babies in the clearance section! SCORE. And they just happened to match the color scheme of my hats/room. I didn't want to make a hat display and then take a hat off and have some ugly command strip or nail sticking out. I wanted the display as a whole to be pretty when a hat in on as well as off the wall.

To start, I laid the hats out on the floor in to sort out the order that I wanted. I knew I wanted a little bit of overlap of the hat brims. Once I liked the layout I had them in, I took the washers off the hooks and screwed them into the wall. I was shooting from the hip on the placement of the hooks and realized that was kind of the fun of it. The placement of the hooks didn't have to be perfect, as long as they weren't too close together, you can make it work in any order.

Once all my hooks were screwed in, I started hanging the hats on the hooks! It came out really well and I am super happy with it. Now all my hats can breathe and honestly, I think I will get so much more use out of them because they are right in my line of sight instead of being out of sight in my closet.

Much love <3