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October 31, 2018

DIY Moon Goddess Halloween Costume

Amanda Puleo

This costume was probably the most abstract one I have done so far! It was also probably the most difficult to make! But it was so so fun! I started with this silver cosmic jumpsuit I found, it was so crazy it was perfect. Then I made my own skirt with this moon patterned fabric from Joanns, layered with tool.

I made my headpiece out of clay and wire. It was pretty fragile, if i had to do it again, I probably would have attached the pieces with something more sturdy.

Moon and sun goddess!

Close up of my makeup. I had a ton of fun with this. Any excuse to wear black lipstick and sparkles!

Group pic!

Supplies You'll Need for this Project

Can't wait to see everyones costumes!

Much love,

<3 A