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August 21, 2017

Mama & Baby Photoshoot

Amanda Puleo

I discovered a love for photography about 2 years ago when I stumbled my way (quite literally) into a college commercial photography class. There I discovered I wasn't too terrible at setting up scenes of lotion bottles and plates of cheese and crackers and photographing them in an interesting way. So I grew interested in photographing scenes with a little more heart and soul to them. I am thankful for the way my interest started, not only did I discover a love for snapping photos in that little tiny, freezing cold class of mine that I almost dropped out of, I also found another love in the form of an amazing man who has since become my love. So that class was meant to be for me in more ways than one.

Fast forward 3 years, a diploma and my very own fancy Canon camera in my possession, I was presented with some opportunities to take photos of real living breathing people who were counting on me to capture their special moments. I tried not to think too hard about that fact at first, because it seemed very overwhelming and I feared my mediocre skills and what talent God bestowed upon me wasn't going to be enough to get the job done. But once I got started, I realized I had to focus on and be very aware of the relationship I was attempting to capture. And in order to do that, you have to have confidence in yourself and keep in mind that imperfections are what make people and moments special. So I dove on in and hoped for the best and kept in the back of my mind that I was still learning along the way.

Now to share my first photoshoot that captured my heart. This wonderful woman I work with was looking to have a Momma and Baby photoshoot with her gorgeous new baby River Lee. Courtney and her husband John are the most loving, laid back parents ever. We chose a little wooded spot in a reservation and a spot on the Lake Erie shoreline for our shoot. Courtney wanted a natural, light and airy vibe to her photos with beautiful light. Their mother daughter relationship was so special and fun to capture. John even got in a few too! It also doesn't hurt that River is the most photogenic little girl ever.

John bought River a ring with her birthstone in it and gave it to Courtney to wear until River's little tiny fingers grow to fit it. Precious!

Daddy is making both Mommy and baby River laugh. So sweet to witness.

Like are you kidding me with that face???

That family picture has to be my favorite photo I have taken to date. It just captures true love. That has to be my favorite thing about photography, capturing love—something that is intangible. Thanks to Courtney and her beautiful family for giving me the great honor to capture the love of your family.

Hope you enjoyed :)