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November 7, 2019

Thoughtful Thursdays

Amanda Puleo

Happy Thursday friends! I had an idea to start this little series called “Thoughtful Thursdays” Ive got a stirring around in my head so I thought I’d find a space here to share some of it! I am going to try to publish a list of about 10 things like the one below, once or twice a month! I plan to fill these lists with all kinds of stuff, different products i’ve found and am loving, things i’m watching (way too much tv), music, people/influencers, whatever I come across on my day to day :) Hope you enjoy :) Feel free to comment below on some of your favorite day to day findings as well! I love learning new things!

1.  I love finding new corners of the internet where people share their content and thoughts. I recently discovered this blog called Homebody Club. Lots of great articles reads. Here is one of my favs.

2. Have you ever heard of Greta Thunberg? (@gretathunberg) I saw her do an interview on The Ellen Show and I was amazed. She is currently changing the world by bringing awareness to climate change and demanding world leaders to take notice. Oh also, SHE’S ONLY 16. Check her out, she’s inspiring.

3. I am currently watching the new season of Queer Eye: Japan edition! It’s so heartwarming and happy and funny. Such a feel good. I also just finished Four Weddings and a Funeral on Hulu. (The new show based on the original movie) Has anyone seen it?! Add it to the list if you haven’t!

4. Loving this kimono from Target! My favorite color of the fall! its one size fits most.

5. Anyone else besides me have a weakness for sweets? Yeah well wait until you try these…in my opinion a healthy alternative to a cupcake because its fruit right?? even if its covered in dark chocolate?? Try these Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas and Gone Berry Crazy frozen treats. I think i’m on my like 3rd box of each? Oops.

6.  Obsessed with headbands always... Here’s a recent favorite. And here, and here. Someone send help!!

7.  On repeat...Selena Gomez’s new song Lose You To Love Me

8. Have you guys heard of the Amazon Drop (@amazonthedrop) collections? Amazon has partnered with different influencers to create collections based on their personal brands. There are some really cool and unique pieces that have come about lately! I can’t wait for the @officiallyquigley collection!

9. Really digging these floral sheer tights for the holiday season!

10. Im sorry, have you seen these make your own pom pom hats at Anthropologie?? Genius.

Thanks always, for following along friends.

Much love <3