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April 21, 2020

DIY Birchwood Blanket Ladder

Amanda Puleo
Supplies You'll Need for this Project

Here’s another home decor DIY project coming at ya!

Supplies //

1. Birchwood branches (you can find these online or at any craft store)

2. Drill and Wood Screws

3. Polycrylic Protective Finish

4. Cotton rag

5. Sand paper (I used a sanding pad)

6. Twine of your choice

Steps //

Step 1: Sand down your branches to get any extra dirt/loose bits off.

Step 2: Use your cotton rag to put a coating of protective finish over the branches. This keeps them smooth.

Step 3: Lay your branches out how you would like them. Check spacing, etc. then mark on the ends of the long branches where you need to drill the holes. Drill holes on each of the long branches then on the ends of the shorter middle branches.

Step 4: After your holes are drilled, use a wood screw and drill it with the head of the screw facing the outside of only one of the tall branches used as the legs.

Step 5: Then twist your middle branches onto the ladder leg.

Step 6: Once you have your middle branches twisted on, line up the second leg branch to the middle branches and screw them together.

Step 7 (optional): If you want to hide the screws and any spacing between the branches, use twine to wrap around the connecting branches.