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Amanda Puleo

DIY Hat Wall Gallery Display

I love me a good hat and they don't deserve to be shoved and smushed into a basket in a dark closet right?! Have you ever seen the wall hooks at Anthropologie? Amazing. Some of them are just so pretty and I'm always like what can I do with these?! So a lightbulb went off one day when I was rummaging through and I thought oh my, a hat gallery wall!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Velvet Earring Holder

I don't know about you all, but I have about a thousand little earrings and earring backs floating around everywhere. I wanted something where I could put everything in one place, that was cute that I could hang up next to my other jewelry displays. Check out this easy, one day DIY!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Tassel Pom Pom Scarf

With the weather so cold, I needed something fun to wear that made me want to actually leave the house. I am obsessed with this navy, rose and mustard color palette lately. I found this scarf at target with little specs of mustard and coral. So I went and found some yarn that matched, and got to it jazzing it up!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Pom Pom Earrings

So clearly I have an obsession with making things with pom poms...I saw these earrings from BAUBLEBAR and I decided to take a try at making them. They were actually pretty easy and only required a handful of materials.

Amanda Puleo

Designer Dupe | Woven Basket PomPom Bag

This basket bag trend is absolutely one of my favorites. I saw this JADETribe bag on Instagram, checked it out and the price seemed way too high to me. It also seemed pretty easy to try to make. So I sought out a basket bag on Etsy that fit the shape I was looking for, got some string and created this little designer dupe ;)

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