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Amanda Puleo

The Ultimate DIY Gift-Able Wrapping

Less than 12 days until Christmas! I almost love the process of wrapping gifts just as much as I love giving them. This year, I wanted to use materials and embellishments that could be re-purposed and re-used.

Amanda Puleo

DIY Coral Reef Halloween Costume

Under the Sea theme for this years costumes! What sea is complete without a coral reef?!

Amanda Puleo

Designer Dupe | DIY No Sew Boho PomPom Embellished Jeans

These DIY no sew jeans were inspired but a designer pair I saw at Anthropologie, and only took a day to create and they cost less than $20 to make!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Hair Scarf

This DIY no sew hair scarf is the perfect summer accessory, great for a pool day or just for fun! There are also so many ways to tie a hair scarf. The great thing about this DIY is that you can pick any color and pattern you want, so you can easily choose what you want to pair it with.

Amanda Puleo

DIY Be A Kind Human T-Shirt

Today I am sharing a message that really resonates with me. It is so important to treat each other with kindness and spread love in this broken world of ours. You never know what a smile, a compliment, or an act of kindness can do for someone. Wanna spread the message as well? Check out how you can make this easy DIY T-shirt.

Amanda Puleo

DIY Hat Wall Gallery Display

I love me a good hat and they don't deserve to be shoved and smushed into a basket in a dark closet right?! Have you ever seen the wall hooks at Anthropologie? Amazing. Some of them are just so pretty and I'm always like what can I do with these?! So a lightbulb went off one day when I was rummaging through and I thought oh my, a hat gallery wall!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Velvet Earring Holder

I don't know about you all, but I have about a thousand little earrings and earring backs floating around everywhere. I wanted something where I could put everything in one place, that was cute that I could hang up next to my other jewelry displays. Check out this easy, one day DIY!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Himalayan Pink Salt Coconut Oil Scrub

I made this salt scrub for some friends and family as a gift during the holidays and it was a hit! It's so so easy and it can be made with only a few items that you might already have in your house!

Amanda Puleo

DIY Tassel Pom Pom Scarf

With the weather so cold, I needed something fun to wear that made me want to actually leave the house. I am obsessed with this navy, rose and mustard color palette lately. I found this scarf at target with little specs of mustard and coral. So I went and found some yarn that matched, and got to it jazzing it up!